The Huron Group


With a deep heritage in residential home building, The Huron Group has an outstanding track record in unparalleled luxury custom home building and expert craftsmanship.   Our extensive experience building custom homes ranges from the City of Chicago to the northern Illinois suburbs where our family started building homes in the 1970’s.   Each of our homes is built with incredible attention to detail; designed to suit the homeowners’ unique preferences and lifestyle.

At The Huron Group, we treat our clients with integrity and respect and believe that our work speaks for itself. With that philosophy in mind, our building process starts with you – your dreams, your family’s needs, and your future.

Our professional design team can take your favorite finishes, wood, paint, and windows and turn them into any modern style you’re looking for, from practical and traditional to ornate and luxurious. Whether this is your first custom-built house or your fourth, there’s always room to explore new trends or change your personal aesthetic, and at The Huron Group, we can help you achieve your ideal home.



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