New Home Warranty

The Huron Group

New Home Warranty

Move into your new home with piece of mind.   The Huron Group and our companies offer an extensive warranty with each new project we deliver.   Custom home warranties include 12 months of coverage to any defects in workmanship and material.   Mechanical and appliance warranties are extended by the manufacturer and normally run for two years.  The specifics of your warranty can be referenced in your sales contract.   In addition to the warranty, The Huron Group provides a detailed homeowner’s manual which provides education on how to care for your new home.

RWC Limited Warranty Program

  1. The First Year:  The Huron Group warrants the home against specified defects in workmanship and materials that are the result of non-conformity with RWC’s warranty standards, as well as any major structural defects as defined in the warranty.
  2. From Year One to Ten: RWC warrants defects in designated structural elements throughout the home.
  3. Throughout the 10-year period, the limited warranty is transferable to subsequent buyers with just a simple form.

RWC is a leading provider of written, insured warranties to builders & remodelers nationwide.  Since 1981, RWC has issued over 3 million warranties and is considered an expert in the field of risk management. With 35+ years in the business, they have developed a wide range of products and services to meet various industry needs.



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