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Building With Us

Let us help you get started!   Here at The Huron Group, we understand the value and pride in owning a quality new construction home.  Our leadership has been building homes for over 40 years; working to ensure that our process is as simple as possible for our customers.   We know it can be quite exhausting thinking about all of the steps of building a new home, but ensuring you are knowledgeable on these 10 steps, will set you up for success:

Step 1:   Determine the costs of home ownership

Buying a home is not just a big purchase, for most individuals it is the single biggest purchase they will make.  To ensure you can focus your home search, it is important to understand your finances, looking at what you can afford.   By using our mortgage calculator, we can help you determine your financial feasibility.

Step 2:   Initial consultation

During our initial consultation, we will meet with you to discuss budget, timeline, goals, and ideal specifications of your new home.   The goal of this meeting is for us to get to know you, and you to get to know us which will help us prepare to discuss home sites, and floor plans.

Step 3:   Home site selection & design review

During our next meeting, we will review available home sites that are within your budget based on the approximate square footage required to meet your goals.  In addition, we will share 2-3 floor plans as a starting point to work from.  We may choose to meet 1-2 more times to finalize a draft floor plan and square footage.

Step 4:   Secure a mortgage approval

Once confident we plan to build a home together, it is important to get a mortgage pre-approval based on the land and construction value of the new home project.   Completing this early in the process sets up the rest of the process for success.   When completing a mortgage approval, be prepared to send the lenders personal and business financial documents including pay stubs, tax returns, drivers license, and more.   This can be cumbersome to organize all of the required documents, so you will want to reserve a couple hours to complete this.

Step 5:   Complete a sales contract

Following mortgage pre-approval and completion of the floor plans, The Huron Group will draft  a contract for review.   The contract details all of the terms of the agreement including closing requirements, key dates/milestones, materials to be used in construction, selection policies, and warranty addendums.   It is important to ensure you have selected a real estate attorney at the time of completion of the contract.   As required by law, the Attorney Review Period, starts once both parties sign the document.   Your attorney will have a period of time as specified in the contract to propose any required modifications and come to agreement with The Huron Group.

Step 6:   Finalize the design

Once the attorney review period has been completed and contract in place, your lender will start the review and underwriting process.   This process typically takes 60 days.  During this time, The Huron Group’s design team will be working with you to finalize the blueprints for your new home.

Step 7:   Closing

All parties will be asked to attend the closing including you the buyer, the seller, and each parties’ attorneys.  The closings are typically held at a title company as specified in the contract and average 2 to 3 hours.

Step 8:   Permit

Once closed on the land and money is escrowed for construction, The Huron Group will submit for permit.   The permit process varies by municipality but typically takes 4-8 weeks.

Step 9: Selections

Selections are the most fun part of building a new home!   As the customer you get to choose all of your finishes at our showrooms.   Our team will assign a dedicated representative for each selection from the exterior to the interior finishes!

Step 10: Completion & Warranty

Building a home can take 6-8 months from the receipt of the permit depending upon the complexity of the project.   Once a certificate of occupancy is issued, our customers get the joy of moving into their new home.  The Huron Group provides an extensive warranty to ensure the quality of our work.



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