Living in Chicago

The city can be a challenging venue to get any construction done. Starting with permits and city ordinances you can rely on THG. Our great relationships help us ensure a timely execution of the project. In addition to our single-family work in the city, we have completed a multitude of projects in condos, requiring our team to work within the rules of the association, while ensuring neighbors are not disrupted. Take a look at some of our recent projects!

Bewitching-Exterior-Design-home-remodel-Modern-Exterior-Chicago_600Chicago remodeling

The Huron Group’s remodeling team is used to working in smaller spaces and can work within a variety of styles traditional, transitional and modern spaces. Condos, townhouses, and single family home remodels are all doable. Its a matter of developing and executing the right design. Our team does a great job of creating inspiration and ideas for your new home.

shutterstock_116020258Chicago new construction

New construction is back on the rise in the city. As the population grows with the gentrification of west side neighborhoods, the infrastructure continues to be a key focus such as the Bloomingdale 606, the Navy Pier pedestrian and cycling path. Chicago can be a great city to live in for young professionals and empty nesters. Whether just starting your search, tearing down an existing property or buying a vacant lot our team can work with you from start to finish.